SHOE PALACE-Las Vegas South Premium Outlets

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Hanna Design Group just finished Construction on this beautiful project for Shoe Palace in The Las Vegas South Premium Outlets Mall.

HDG appreciates and is honored working side by side with the Shoe Palace team.

Here is a little more about Shoe Palace. We love building for clients like this, especially when they are giving back, please read below!


Shoe Palace is one of the most-trusted athletic footwear and apparel retail chains in the United States. What began as a small, family business has now grown into an extremely-popular chain of stores and an online retail site — shoe
SP was built on a strong belief that amazing buyer service, above all else, is the most-important reason why any business flourishes. Shoe Palace prides itself on offering its costumers the Ultimate Experience when it comes to their shoe and apparel shopping. Our locations, staff, and products are all the very best imaginable. Shoe Palace carries only elite shoe and apparel brands. Our chic and loyal clientele reflect that commitment to retail excellence.

The Foundation

The Mersho clan founded Shoe Palace in 1993. A single brick and mortar location in San Jose, California started it all. The Shoe Palace brand was built on character, commitment, and ingenuity. Presently, Shoe Palace retail locations are located throughout the Southwest, and we are constantly expanding. That amazing growth from a single humble location to nearly 100 stores was accomplished by dedication, hard work, and a commitment to providing a warm, family-type atmosphere for our customers.

Our Values

From the very start, Shoe Palace separated itself from the competition by making sales secondary to the customer. SP puts the consumer on a pedestal because they have been so instrumental in making us the huge success we are today. We would not be in our current position without the strength of our supporter’s loyalty.
To ensure that every one of our Shoe Palace loyalists has a rewarding experience every time they step foot into one of our locations, we have hired employees who understand and uphold what SP was built upon. Our faithful and hard-working staff is an extension of the Shoe Palace culture.
Shoe Palace realizes that awesome customer service alone cannot make a business prosperous. We have also dedicated ourselves to carrying only the premium and in-demand footwear and apparel. We have an eye for the hottest styles and trends because we have an interest in the merchandise we sell.
The Mersho family chose athletic footwear and apparel as their profession because they knew that market and had a passion for it. The Shoe Palace customers are chic and fanatical about their shoes and apparel. We make sure to supply them with the most stylish brand names available.

Our Culture

When a customer walks into any Shoe Palace location, they are instantly treated like a member of the family. We were founded and are run by a close-knit clan, and that can be felt in every single store.
Shoe Palace has come so far because the Mersho family takes great pride in their work. That commitment and passion can be felt in every Shoe Palace location, and it inspires the very best from each and every SP employee. The SP family is endlessly pushing themselves to evolve and upgrade. We are never satisfied with our accomplishments, and our commitment to excellence never diminishes.

Giving Back to the Community

It’s always been essential to the Mersho family that they give back to the communities that support them. That’s why Shoe Palace actively supports The Boy Scouts of America, St. Vincent de Paul, Make A Wish Foundation, Live To Give, Sacred Heart, and many other organizations. By making year-round charitable donations and being involved in a vast array of initiatives, Shoe Palace has been able to make a positive impact on many lives outside the retail industry.

Our Mission

Shoe Palace strives to be more than just another store that sells shoes and apparel. We are genuinely committed to making a positive impact on our communities. We will continue to evolve and expand as we consistently deliver on our promise to our valued customers… the Ultimate Experience!



Hanna Design Group Standard on all construction sites:

a construction site is not typically considered a ‘clean’ place. Clean in this context doesn’t mean free of dirt or debris, but safe and organized. HDG standard is to keeping a construction site in order is important not just for organizational reasons and simplicity, but for the safety of workers and visitors. HDG involves proper use and storage of machines and tools, disposal of hazardous materials, and protecting the contents inside and out of a structure during construction. Construction sites are not often associated with high levels of order and clean; in fact they are often the embodiment of disorder. While no construction site should be expected to resemble a well-kept backyard, there are degrees of disorder and safety is the most important matter to maintain on any site.

Safe Work Conditions

The most important factor in construction site maintenance is ensuring that work conditions are safe for all workers and visitors. This involves awareness about debris, materials, and tool usage to ensure the safety of the environment. Materials are often carelessly discarded and the surrounding area of a construction site often contains numerous hazards–from stray boards with protruding nails to exposed wiring or hazardous chemicals. Many of these dangers are unavoidable risks associated with work sites, but maintaining a site and reducing these preventable hazards will make everyone safer. Reducing these types of hazards in construction sites means lowering liabilities from injury and creating a more accessible environment for everyone on site. A more organized construction site is often a more productive one.

Facilitating Better Conditions

Most construction sites have large dumpsters and debris and trash disposal on site for easy disposal of materials and waste. Ensuring that these receptacles are present and utilized will help ensure that the site remains clean and free of dangerous debris. All construction sites also have mandatory hard hat policies meant to keep visitors and crews safe from falling debris and accidents on site. This protocol should always be followed. Hazardous conditions on site should also be advertised to make everyone present aware of any notable risks–such as insecure building materials or exposed wires.


Safety protocols, and ongoing cleanup maintenance can help reduce the risks of injuries and make a construction site more efficient. Construction sites are chaotic by definition–everything is under construction, but order doesn’t haven’t to be totally sacrificed. Reducing potential accidents and liabilities by maintaining the site will help make the work site better and may even translate into a faster project completion.

Work Together- Build Better !
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