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• Vision

It is important that every project have a vision. While encompassing a 3-dimensional point of view, this vision conforms to certain constraints related to the overall project’s budget. The primary focus of our interior designers is to open our clients’ minds to new ideas; new ways of doing business, new shapes, forms, finishes, textures and color. This process has proven itself to bring your vision to life.

• Participation

The creative process is an adventure. In any creative process the team needs to embrace, unleash, nurture and control the design. We think the most critical element of this process is participation. The true understanding of the vision is somewhere inside the client. Our primary job is to be the conduit for that vision, to bring that vision out into a 3-dimensional design plan. Setting HDG apart is our feeling that the clients’ participation is not only essential but required.

• Cost Control

HDG can offer, within the design process, cost accountability. Many times this is something that the client addresses too late in their project. We like to maintain cost as a responsibility of the design up-front. We make it a priority to design and specify materials, finishes and fixture designs that won’t compromise the vision or bust the budget.

• Design Method

Designing to specific criteria: a set of questions that are developed by the client’s business plan and can only be answered with design research. What is expected of the business? What types of products are they going to sell? How are those products going to be presented? What is a reasonable sales expectation of the design? Most importantly, how much does it cost to build? Designing to a budget is nothing new to us.

HDG has made it a standard procedure on every project to perform a thorough program and building analysis, to ensure that goals are attainable and all aspects of the project are in compliance.

• Function

Function is an important part of the process. “Designs that Work” has been the cornerstone of HDG. We work hand in hand with the people who are going to operate the business to ensure that it functions properly. Nothing is more irritating than to be behind a counter on a busy day and not be able to service your customers. Or worse yet, to be out on the sales floor attempting to sell products to a customer and not being able to present them properly. It’s not just operational functions, but sales flexibility. Your design has got to work for you.

• The Details
Details, details. There is no such thing as putting too much effort into the details. Within the creative process those fine details give the texture, feeling and ultimately the message of the design. We prepare and pick from a menu of details, that you want to consistently communicate to your consumer, to ensure that our design delivers that message.