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• Site Surveys

The site survey is the most critical part of our projects. In the survey our office makes a personal visit to the job-site to verify all existing conditions of the building/space, obtain a copy of the tenant criteria handbook, obtain applications from the building departments, etc. These tasks ensure that the architect has knowledge of all of the conditions of the space, so that all of these conditions can be correctly addressed in the context of the project/build-out. Knowledge of existing conditions can dramatically either increase or decrease the cost of the project itself.

In addition, to many of our clients we offer the service only of performing site surveys – i.e. a “menu-service” – available on a fixed fee basis.

• Code & Tenant Criteria Research

All of our design and documentation work must comply with both Building/Zoning Codes and specific Tenant Criteria. Many building codes have continued to evolve, related to ADA, health, safety and welfare issues and construction methods. Additionally, a through knowledge of your specific Tenant Criteria – prior to Design and Documentation – is IMPERATIVE.

We follow in-house checklists and review systems to ensure that all required codes and criteria are adhered to. HDG has long made it a standard procedure on every project to perform a thorough analysis of requirements, to ensure that all aspects of the project are in compliance.

• Project Management

Under certain conditions our architect may be required to serve as the Project Manager. Our senior architect then fulfills that role, coordinating all the details and communications between the landlord, building owner, client, and general contractor, to ensure the project runs smoothly, stays on track and on budget.

The HDG architectural group brings numerous strengths to the team – most importantly, experience. Since our inception in 1992, we have successfully completed over 600 projects in virtually every state in the United States and Canada.

• Space Planning

As everyone knows, there are many ways to configure a space or mass up a building. We strongly believe that “how it works” is as important as “how it looks.” We make it our business to explore all the options with our clients. A review of your specific lease conditions can also ensure that we maximize these options.

We evaluate how a space is used, incorporate all the client’s components and ensure that the pieces can operate efficiently and effectively together to serve its customers or occupants.

• Construction Documentation
At HDG, the architect is responsible to produce a quality set of construction documents, with sufficient detail to accurately bid and construct the project, and to attain the permit for construction. HDG invests in the latest systems to produce electronic documents, and is continuing to modernize our technologies as they become available. Our details and project specifications are all prepared, checked and crossed-checked in a manner that all trades can understand. All aspects of the project are clearly defined. We believe “if it is in the drawings, you own it”. Our documents demonstrate a clear and easily understood responsibility schedule – further reinforcing who does what with no room for guessing.