Motorola Conference Room – Schaumburg, Illinois

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HDG designed and built this project for Motorola’s Conference Center 20 plus years ago. HDG was awarded the Golden Phoenix award for this design. “International Windows” was the design team’s concept for the new conference center at Motorola’s corporate campus in Schaumburg, Illinois.We came in 1st because it is host to professionals and dignitaries from all over the world.


In the reception area, we installed recessed illuminated niches containing art work from the countries where Motorola has facilities. We repeated the world-view motif in recessed lighting frames, ceiling treatments and carpet, where a circular inset of indigo and paprika Milliken color vision/ hues is nestled in a field of Highland Run.  The same product is used in the conference room and display area where sinuous insets symbolize the flow of electronic knowledge.  The classroom (not shown) needed carpet “windows” to guide attendees in reconfiguring furnishings when they break out to smaller groups.


At HDG, the architect is responsible to produce a quality set of construction documents with sufficient detail to accurately bid and construct the project and to attain the permit for construction.  HDG invests in the latest systems to produce electronic documents and is continuing to modernize our technologies as they become available.  Our details and project specifications are all prepared, checked and crossed-checked in a manner that all trades can understand.  All aspects of the project are clearly defined.  We believe “If it is in the drawings, you own it.”  Our documents demonstrate a clear and easily understood responsibility schedule, further reinforcing who does what with no room for guessing.


Under certain conditions, our architect may be required to serve as the Project Manager.  Our senior architect then fulfills that role, coordinating all the details and communications between the landlord, building owner, client, and general contractor to ensure the project runs smoothly, stays on track and stays on budget.


The HDG architectural group brings numerous strengths to the team–most importantly, experience.  Since our inception in 1992, we have successfully completed over 600 projects in virtually every state in the United States and Canada.


Remember: Work Together – Build Better!!

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