Business Office- Tenant Improvements- Wheaton, Illinois

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Hanna Design Group also specializes in Business Office – Tenant Improvements. This project is approximately 21,000 sq. ft. and I have to say, this project came out sleek, clean, and beautiful!! This is an office tenant build starting with demo, construction and finish.  When executing a lease, most tenants will need to renovate an existing space. The scope of this work can range from new carpet and paint to the complete build-out of an empty shell space.  It is important to have a very clear idea of what it costs to design, permit and construct the new improvements for the new space.  What may seem initially to be a simple remodel can grow in complexity and cost as unforeseen complications emerge.  Underestimating your project’s cost in the initial stages forces you to come up with additional cash for the short fall or compromise on key project elements.  Most of these headaches can be avoided with better and more complete information presented early in the project. HDG participation is the creative process and is an adventure.  In any creative process, the team needs to embrace, unleash, nurture and control the design. We think the most critical element of this process is participation.  The true understanding of the vision is somewhere inside the client.  Our primary job is to be the conduit for that vision and to bring that vision out into a three-dimensional design plan. Setting HDG apart is our feeling that the clients’ participation is not only essential but required. HDG understands our clients’ needs.  Please contact myself for your next project.  We are here to help!


Remember: Work Together – Build Better!!

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