Business Office- Tenant Improvements – Schaumburg, Illinois

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Hanna Design Group also specializes in business office tenant improvements. We started these projects earlier in the year. Our client wanted HDG to demo a few of their existing offices. Out of the three offices, one is now occupied by a new client. We also created an additional two other offices, typically referred to in the industry as a “vanilla box,” for their future clients. This project came out beautifully. Before a new lease or renewal is signed, if a current space has things like lighting, electrical outlets, ceiling tiles, and doors already in place because of a prior tenant or an existing tenant is wanting to renew a lease or expand, the landlord will typically be willing to negotiate a tenant improvement allowance (TI) substantial enough to replace carpeting, paint, and possibly move walls and/or replace doors. For a new lease with a new tenant, the negotiated tenant improvement allowance can often be insufficient for all necessary improvements towards a space and the new tenant will pay a sum up front. However, this can vary depending on what improvements are needed and what market rate the tenant improvement allowance in dollars per square feet the landlord agrees on to bring your vision to life.  If you are in the Schaumburg, Illinois area, please ask me to take you on a tour of this magnificent space. You will see firsthand what HDG can offer to you and your new clients. We perform this locally and of course nationwide.We have been doing this type of work for over 23 years.


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